Frequently Asked Questions

About Teacher Aica

What is Teacher Aica?
Teacher Aica is an online website operated and maintained by teachers where fellow teachers and parents can access both free and paid supplemental learning materials. Feel free to look around the store and the blog, and if you wish to learn more about our story, you can check out the About Us section on our homepage.


How much does it cost to join Teacher Aica?
Joining Teacher Aica is free. Just create an account with us and you will have access to both free and paid materials that you can purchase and download at your discretion.


How do I download or purchase materials from Teacher Aica?
Once you create your account, you can start viewing our products to determine which ones fit your need. To purchase, click the ‘Add to Cart’ button on the product page and then proceed to your cart to checkout your items.

Download links will be available on your order summary page as soon as you complete your payment and will also be sent to you via your registered email address. However, if you chose to pay via an offline payment method (e.g. bank deposit/transfer), you will receive your download links via email as soon as we’ve verified your payment.

If later on, you wish to redownload any of your purchased materials and you’ve already lost the email we sent with your download links, just fill up a Contact Us form and we’ll resend your download links to you via email.


How do I find free materials?
We’ve made this very easy for you. On the sidebar, accessible from any page of our website, you will see a Freebies menu. Click on that and you will see all the materials that are available for free. Also, you can download the free materials directly from the product page by clicking on the 'Download worksheet here' link. 


Does Teacher Aica have a rewards program?
Yes we do! Liking, sharing, and following our store on various social media platforms, signing up for an account, and purchasing products, all earn you stars that you can exchange for coupons to use in your next purchase. We also have a referral program where you and your referred friend can both have a reward. You can check out our Rewards page for more information.


How do I know how many stars I've earned so far?
When you open your rewards launcher (found at the lower left hand part of your screen), you will find your total earned stars at the top. You will also find on the launcher what coupon values you can purchase with your earned stars, how many referrals you've completed, and the list of coupons you've already purchased.


How do I purchase coupons with my stars?
On your rewards launcher (found at the lower left hand part of your screen), under the 'Next reward' header, you will see the highest coupon value you can purchase with your stars. You can purchase this by clicking the 'Buy' button beside it. However, if you want to purchase a coupon with a lower value, you can do so in the 'All rewards' menu.


Where do I find the coupons I've purchased with my stars?
Open your rewards launcher (found at the lower left hand part of your screen) and scroll to the bottom where you will see the 'Your rewards' header. Click on the header to see the coupons you've purchased. To use, open the listed coupon, click the 'Copy Code' button, and then paste it on the 'Discount' field during checkout.


If I have any challenges or concerns, how do I contact Teacher Aica support?
You can get in touch with us in either of two ways. First, you can fill out a Contact Us form or you can chat with us on Facebook Messenger via the messenger icon located at the lower right hand part of your screen, when viewing our website.


Where can I find the Teacher Aica Terms and Conditions?
You can read our Terms and Conditions on our Terms and Conditions page.


Where can I find the Teacher Aica Privacy Policy?
You can read our Privacy Policy on our Privacy Policy page.


About My Account

How do I login to my account?
If you already have an account, click the ‘Log in’ link at the top right hand part of the website. Next, enter your email address and your password and click the ‘Sign In’ button.

If you don’t have any account yet, click the ‘Sign up’ link, also at the top right hand part of the website, and fill out the form with your information to register.


I forgot my email address or password, what do I do?
If you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking on the ‘Forgot Password’ link below the ‘Password’ field. If you’ve forgotten your email address or if you’re still having challenges logging in, fill out a Contact Us form and we’d be glad to help. Just be sure to include your name and phone number or billing address.


Can I share my password with someone else?
Unfortunately, you can’t. Accounts are only valid for the subscriber registered and by creating an account with us, you agree to keep your login details private. Sharing of an account is prohibited and we reserve the right to suspend any account if sharing is suspected.


Can I change the email address associated with my account?
Of course you can! However, you will need to fill up a Contact Us form and have us make the changes from our side.


What if I’m subscribed to receive emails from Teacher Aica but I’m not receiving them?
If you signed up on Teacher Aica using an official school or work email address, the system may be blocking our emails. We recommend changing to a personal address, such as Yahoo or Gmail. You can fill up a Contact Us form to make the change on your behalf.

If you’re already using a personal email address, check your spam folder, our emails might be stuck there. If they are, I suggest you add and to your contacts or senders list.

A note for Gmail addresses, mail are usually sorted into Primary, Social, and Promotions categories. And you’d probably find Teacher Aica emails in the Promotions category. Here are instructions from Google if you want to customize your tabs and how your emails are sorted.


About Making Purchases

How do I search for materials?
You can search for materials on Teacher Aica in any of three ways.

  1. You can use the search field at the top of the sidebar accessible via any page on the website
  2. You can use the Product Category icons on the homepage or the Product Category menus on the sidebar
  3. You can browse all our products via the ‘Store’ link on the Header navigation


What are Bundled Worksheets?
Bundled Worksheets are materials frequently bought together that we are making available to you in one download at a more cost effective price.


How do I pay for the materials I want to purchase?
Right now, you can pay via credit card using Paypal or via bank transfer/deposit.

We are working to expand the payment gateways available on Teacher Aica so standby for any announcements on this.


Do I need a Paypal account to purchase products?
You don’t need a Paypal account to purchase materials on Teacher Aica. Paypal allows you to make payments via credit card even without logging in to a Paypal account. Alternatively, you can also choose to make your payments via bank transfer or bank deposit.


What is a discount coupon?
A discount coupon is a code generated by the store to give customers a discount. It can be a percentage discount (e.g. 20%, 30%, etc.) or a fixed price discount and would usually have limits such as single use, or an expiry date. You enter the coupon code during check out to avail of the discount prior to paying for your purchase.


I am having challenges using a discount coupon, what should I do?
If you are receiving an error message or if there’s no discount being deducted from your total purchase amount, check your code if it’s still valid. It might have already expired or if it’s a single use coupon, you might have already used it before. If you’re sure that the coupon you’re having challenges with should still be valid, fill out a Contact Us form so we can assist you further.


Will my purchase be shipped to me?
The materials we sell are in digital format so no worksheets will be shipped to you. Instead, you will receive, via email, links where you can download your purchases. An exception to this are the toys and manipulatives that we will be selling pretty soon. When part of your cart, you will be asked to indicate your shipping address and a shipping fee will be added to your total purchase amount.


Will my download links expire?
No, it won’t. You will be able to download your purchased materials as often as you need to, for as long as you have the email we sent with the download links. If for some reason, you lose our email, you can fill out a Contact Us form to request for another email. We would suggest though that you keep a copy of your purchases on your computer so that you can print them at your discretion.


I can’t find the email with my download links, what should I do?
If you lose the email we sent, you can always request for another one. Just fill out a Contact Us form and we’ll resend the email with your download links.


Can I get a refund from the materials I purchased on Teacher Aica?
Majority of the materials we sell on Teacher Aica are in digital format and are delivered via download links. Unlike physical products that are delivered at your doorstep, you can’t really return digital files after you’ve downloaded them. As also stated in our Terms and Conditions, all sales of materials in digital format are considered final and are non-refundable.

There are a few instances though where we can issue a refund, although it would still be subject to our review at Teacher Aica. The possible exceptions are:

  • If the downloaded file contains materials that are not consistent with the product previews or with the product title.
  • If the downloaded file is damaged or is missing some or all content.
  • If a material was accidentally purchased more than once.


What is a ZIP file?
A ZIP file is a compressed folder that allows a user to transfer several files at once while taking up less storage space. Both Windows and Mac OSX can open and uncompress a ZIP file without additional software. However, mobile phones and tablets will need an additional app.

You can refer to this link for instructions on how to open and uncompress the ZIP file that you’ve downloaded from Teacher Aica.


What is a PDF file?
A PDF file is a graphic file format that is commonly used for digital versions of documents. You can view PDFs using an Adobe Acrobat Reader that you can download free of charge from the Adobe website.


How can I print the materials I downloaded or purchased?
After uncompressing the ZIP file you downloaded, open the PDF file using a PDF reader such as the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click File > Print or if available, click the Printer icon. If needed, you can make changes to the Print settings (e.g. identifying specific pages to print, changing the page size and method of handling, changing the page orientation, etc.) before clicking on the ‘Print’ button at the lower right hand part of the dialog box. You can also refer to this page on the Adobe website for tips on how to print PDF documents.


I have challenges printing, what should I do?
Make sure that you have the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. Also, check your printer connections and settings.


What can I do and not do with the materials I downloaded or purchased on Teacher Aica?
All materials sold on Teacher Aica are only for Personal Use. You may print the materials and have your children or students answer them, as often as they need to.

You are not allowed to resell, redistribute, or print for publication any of the materials available on Teacher Aica. Placing the materials on any website or digital medium with public access is strictly not allowed.


I found an error on a material I downloaded or purchased on Teacher Aica, what should I do?
We work hard to make all materials as accurate and up to date as possible, but we do make mistakes sometimes. If you found an error on any of our materials, please let us know by filling up a Contact Us form or by chatting with us via Facebook Messenger. We’ll review your report and make the necessary corrections as soon as possible.


About Other Questions

I’ve read the entire FAQ page and have not found the solution to my challenge, what should I do?
If you have further questions or concerns that our FAQs have not been able to address, you may fill up a Contact Us form, giving us as much detail as possible, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.