Loyalty and Referral Program

Loyalty Rewards Program

With our rewards program, you earn stars from activities that you can use to purchase discount coupons. Refer to the following tables for how and how much you can earn and the available coupon values.

Ways to Earn
What to Do Value in Stars
Sign-up for an account 100 stars
Purchase products 1 star for every peso
Like our page on Facebook* 10 stars
Share our page on Facebook* 25 stars
Share about us on Twitter* 25 stars
Follow us on Twitter* 10 stars
Follow us on Instagram* 10 stars
*do via the rewards launcher

Available Rewards
Coupon Value Cost in Stars
₱5.00 500 stars
₱10.00 1,000 stars
₱25.00 2,500 stars


Referral Program

With our referral program, you can give your friends a reward and then claim your own when they make a purchase. Here's how you can do this:

  1. From your rewards launcher (found at the lower left side of your screen), scroll down to find your referral URL.
  2. Copy the URL and share it to your friends via Facebook, Twitter, or email.
  3. When your friend clicks on your referral URL, he will be asked to enter his email in the provided field and after clicking the 'Claim your gift' button, he will receive in his email the 10% off coupon that he can use when purchasing products on the store.
  4. After your friend purchases products on the store and uses the coupon, you will receive your own ₱5 off coupon.